The Rites of Darkness

by Robin



So, this year I decided to partake in a challenge called RPM, or Record Producing Month. The challenge is to write and record 10 songs, at least 35 minutes, entirely in the month of February. Since I've been dabbling with experimental recording techniques lately, and I've been on a huge Bathory binge, I decided to totally borrow that direction and just immerse myself into their discography until I had 10 songs. Well, 8 songs and an ambient intro and outro. There's some outside influence from later Norwegian black metal bands, but the project was wholeheartedly a love letter to/rip off of Bathory.

The whole thing was recorded onto 8 tracks, with a setup emulating an 8 track cassette recorder. Very little post-processing was done except to further the cassette emulation. As a result it's very rough and raw sounding. Unfortunately because I'm mostly software based, once you get past the intentional shoddiness, it does sound a bit overly polished, but one of these days I'll have a shitty little Peavey amp and a drum set to improperly mic up to REALLY capture the "atmosphere" (it's very low on my wish list though).

I'm not gonna tell you you're gonna love this album, it was very hastily written and recorded and sounds it in places; all of the guitar and bass tracks were recorded in single whole takes with no editing or punch ins, and some of the drums were played live through my keyboard rather than sequenced, so it's quite sloppy, but it gives it character. I like it, something I wasn't expecting to be able to say when I started out on this. If it were a more "official" project I'd have spent a bit more time writing more material and selecting the best songs to go into it, as well as spending a bit more time rehearsing, but for only a month (and actually finishing it a good week or so ahead of schedule!!) I think I did a pretty decent job.

Next year though I'm gonna do FAWM, February Album Writing Month, and hopefully I'll have a band to work with, would like to write an album of Beatles-y pop rock stuff.


released March 1, 2017

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gwen "Robin" Sinclair.
Artwork edited by Gwen "Robin" Sinclair from an untitled 1984 painting by Zdzisław Beksiński.



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Robin Sebring, Florida

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