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Juan Ignacio Tubio This shit's trippy as fuck and i LOVE it. Favorite track: Crimson.


Surprise! New album! Sort of.

This release was unexpected even for me. These are a few synth jams I recorded back in June and planned to release around that same time, but ended up not doing anything with. Two of these were created mostly on the fly, one was based on an idea I'd been noodling around with on a sequencer, and one is a remake of an old track I lost the multitracks to.

Crimson was mostly improv, and was put together in one sitting, maybe two at most. It came from some noodling I did based on a song from the soundtrack to Mass Effect 2, the background music in the club Afterlife on Omega. It was the first track produced for the album, but was the second one actually written.

Emerald was based on a sequence I came up with as a way to test out the DXi app, a 4-operator FM synthesizer for iOS. Based on the origin of that sequence I ended up using a lot of FM sounds in the track, mostly DX7 presets because at the time I was still somewhat new to FM synthesis.

Violet was written about a year and a half ago while I was listening to a lot of deadmau5, hence the song being structured as an actual song with an actual progression rather than just improv. The song was originally titled "Possessed", and I'd planned an entire EP around it, including a dubstep remix that, in my opinion at least, sounded pretty awesome. Sadly though, the original multitracks and even the final masters for both the original song and the remix were lost when my hard drive failed back in January, so if the song were to see a release, I'd have to remake it. Honestly, I feel my technique in both mixing and synthesis have improved since the original version of the song, so I think I'm releasing a much better sounding track than I would have. That said, I do miss having the remix, it was pretty kickass and took an interesting spin on it. I may end up trying to remake it at some point, but we'll just have to wait and see on that.

Azure is the other on the fly track. I came up with the initial loop and just started layering other stuff on top until it got interesting. Admittedly I don't remember this one having as much effort put in to it as on Crimson or Violet, those two are the stars of the album. It was added on to the end after the original Azure, a 15 minute drone track, got scrapped in favor of something more interesting.

Anyways, I just happened to discover this album completely intact on my hard drive and decided to finally put it up. I know I mentioned no more new music this year, but technically it's not "new" music, rather it's 5 month old music. Plus, I figured if I didn't put it up now I'd forget about it. It was an experimental release and I doubt I'd be able to put out something like this if I were on a major label, so thank fuck I'm independent.


released November 26, 2015



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Robin Sebring, Florida

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