Robin Ruins VGM, Vol. 1

by Robin



This is an album full of VGM covers and TV show covers that I've been sort of working on haphazardly since January. Originally it started off as a bunch of one-offs uploaded to my personal Soundcloud, but after some poking, prodding, and general encouragement from my friends, I decided to do more and more until I could reasonably fill a CD. Most of the work was done between, I wanna say July and now, although a few of the songs date back pretty far.

It's pretty self explanatory, the TV show themes are all named after the show they're from, and all the VGM tracks are given the names they have on their official soundtracks, with the game they're from in parentheses. The only one that needs some explaining is the final track, which is sort of an original track that was inspired by the menu/character creation theme from Dark Souls. I took the basic idea and ran in my own direction with it.

There's more details on the pages for each individual track if you're interested. The album is pay-what-you-want, but there's no minimum price. If you feel like paying for it, I'd suggest throwing at least $5 for it. It's almost 60 minutes of music, so that's a little under a dollar for every 10 minutes, which is quite a steal.

If you're a fan of this, I've also got an EP of original songs that was released on the same day as this, so check it out.

I should also explain the artwork, shouldn't I? I'm not an artist, by any means, and I needed a cheap and easy way to do 50 physical copies of the album. Jewel cases were out of the question because even if I could throw together something crappy, I have no way to print it out since I haven't got any decent paper for printing CD covers. So I bought a bunch of cardboard sleeves and decided I'd doodle on them. There's 50 copies, and 10 songs, so I decided every 5 copies would have a different doodle on the cover; there's 5 with Bill Cipher to represent Gravity Falls, 5 with Morty's face to represent Rick and Morty, 5 with a Dark Souls bonfire, etc. Of course, this leaves me with a dilemma: what do I do for the digital release? For now, it's just a shot of the Gravity Falls art, just because that's my favorite track on the album and quite possibly my favorite track I've ever done. At some point, if I ever get around to doing an actual professional pressing of it, I'll use the artwork for that, but for now, have my terrible doodling.


released October 2, 2015

All songs written and composed by their original composers
Arranged, performed, and produced by Robin



all rights reserved


Robin Sebring, Florida

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