Castlevania: 1987

by Robin



Ok, so, I know it's a pretty cheesy idea to release an EP of Castlevania music on Halloween of all days. However, when am I not known for doing cheesy stuff? To top it all off, it's all 80s themed too!

Castlevania: 1987 is an EP based around the Castlevania series. It has 3 songs from the series redone in my signature 80s influenced style, although this time I went even more over the top with the 80s cheese, to the point where I'm referencing songs released during the 80s, whether through synth patches, basslines, drum patterns, or whatever else. It also has two bonus tracks. The first one is the chiptune version of Wicked Child, heard at the beginning of the Castlevania I Medley, in its entirety and without the heavy filtering. The second one is a remake of Castlevania III's prelude using Korg's DSN-12 synth/sequencer on the Nintendo 3DS.

Finally, a release using actual artwork instead of the cardboard doodle crap from my other release. It's very cheaply done, I'll admit. I replaced the Konami logo with a stylized "R" and the name Robin underneath, and I added the 1987 up in the corner. As for the Japanese text, for those unfamiliar with the original image, this was originally the cover for the Famicom version of the original Castlevania. Which means that text is the Japanese name of the game, "Akumajou Dracula". Why did I use that instead of the American box art? Because American NES box art is a vertical rectangle, while Famicom Disk System games used square artwork, and square artwork is much more suited for album covers.

Why the specific year 1987? Because, while I didn't nail it on all three tracks, the overwhelming idea behind the EP was to take the listener back to 1987, when music was full of gated reverbs, digital synths, and samplers with terrible AD/DA converters. It's a bit off because some of it sounds earlier and some sounds later, but the EP was mixed to sound like it came out in 1987. The drum sound is highly influenced by King Diamond's "Abigail" album, which was a pretty big influence on the EP as a whole. Coincidentally, the album came out in the year 1987. Also, the North American release of the original Castlevania was in 1987, and the Japanese release of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest was also in 1987. In short, the year 1987 is quite important to the EP in a number of ways.

Anyways, Happy Halloween everybody.


released October 31, 2015

All songs written by their original composers.
All songs arranged and performed by Robin.
Engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Robin and Gwen Sinclair at The Nest studio.



all rights reserved


Robin Sebring, Florida

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